Electronic Rustproofing

Electronic Rustproofing is used in the prevention and reduction of the rusting process. Here at Roland Graf, we can apply this system to both new and used vehicles/machinery.


Roland Graf proudly use Couplertec products rustproofing products. This is because Couplertec have continually been recognised worldwide as the best rust proofing systems in the protection of vehicles and machinery from rust and corrosion. It’s used in many mining companies, surf life saving clubs and by government authorities.

Key features:

  • Australian made
  • Suitable for Vehicles, trucks, buses and machinery
  • Couplertec offer a 10 yr warranty
  • Keeps maintenance costs down
  • Stops existing rust spreading

If you would like to learn more about Couplertec and how their products work, you can watch an explanatory video on their website www.couplertec.com.au.

ERPS – Electronic Rust Prevention System

Additionally, Roland Graf Auto Centre are also trained and experienced in the application of ERPS (Electronic Rust Prevention system), a revolutionary and proven method of electrostatic charge to stop rust before it starts.

ERPA slows down the chemical reaction between the vehicles steel and the factors that cause rust such as oxygen, chemicals, salt and humidity. As you will see from the example provided in the video below, ERPA is proven to prevent rust in even the harshest Aussie environments. Living and working in the tropic Cairns environments, this is a must have product.

Did you know that ERPS can protect not only the outside but also all the inner, hidden areas that traditional sprays can’t reach? Fantastic overall vehicle protection.

Key features:

  • Australian owned and Australian made for Australian conditions
  • 100% environmentally safe
  • ERPA offer a 5 yr warranty
  • 3 different types of units available
  • Extends the life of your vehicle
  • Protects both the outside and the Inner areas of your vehicle
  • Ideal in seaside and tropical conditions

Take a look at this video (from www.erps.com.au) to find out more about ERPS:

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