Fabric Protection

The inside of your car is subject to repeated traffic and abuse. Like it or not, food, shopping spills, pets, perspiration, odours, dirt, grease and grime are a fact of life and unfortunately contribute to the deterioration of a vehicles interior.

At Roland Graf Auto Centre, we use the Slip Stream fabric protection solution, a unique blend of ingredients adheres to each individual fabric and carpet fibre creating a powerful defence against unsightly stains. A once only application designed to strengthen and maintain that ‘new car look and feel.”

Why use fabric protection in your vehicle?

  • It’s a ONCE ONLY application
  • The fabric and carpet protection stops odours and fabric fading
  • Repel food and beverage stains
  • It’s water repellent
  • Prevents fading from the sun’s UV ray
  • It’s perfect for young families or pets.
  • Will extend the life of the vinyl and leather.
  • Increase vehicle’s resale value

Vinyl and leather areas are nourished, sealed and protected for everyday use and the unforeseen accident.

All Slipstream products are non toxic and environmentally friendly.

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